Back to School: Mommy gets a BREAK

January 3, 2018 0 Comments

Back to School: Mommy gets a BREAK

Hey Friend!!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Holiday! But lets be honest!!! Us moms are TIRED!! We need a break from a house full of guests and the kids being home from school!  Just writing this post now… “mommy, can you wash my tutu… mommy, sissy punched me… mommy, I’m hungry… “mom!! The TuTu!! mommy mommy mommy…………..”

And honestly, I ADORE my kids!  They are my world but I can’t even pee in private when they are home… The door flings open while I’m on the toilet and it means nothing to them!  Or how about taking a bath in peace?  Nope!  My girls see me soaking in the tub and they want to get in with me! And I have never taken a bath with them so I am not sure where that is coming from 🤨

So I am dedicating this post to Mrs. Flanagan, my girls Pre-K teacher and in my opinion… a Saint!! I just dropped my girls off to school this morning and I know that they will learn to write there name, read, do math, play, and be safely out of the house for a few hours!

Now I can write to you, clean the house and take a quiet bath!

And you want to know why this time to myself if REALLY important to me?  Because my girls deserve the best mommy they could have!! I know that if I take a couple hours out to recharge my batteries then I will be better for them and give them the attention they deserve!

So Thank You Mrs. Flanagan and ALL the teachers in the world who go back early after the holidays and get our kiddos out of the house!

And for you, my dear friend… it is time to watch my favorite comedian The Funny Mother!! This mom makes me feel like I am not alone and makes me laugh when sometimes after a long day with the kids I just want to cry!  Instead of looking through Instagram at all the perfectly staged pictures and feeling worthless or that I am failing as a mom… I decide to give myself a break and watch my girl Dena!

It is time for you to watch a little mom humor… recharge your batteries and put yourself First!! If just for a couple hours!!