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Ok, so I have been working on this post for a few months now!! I have done exhaustive research on ways you can Work From Home and I’m writing to share all my SUCCESSES and FAILS with you!

There are SO many ads out there with gimmicks and hypes to attract us with tricks on how we can actually work from home and spend more time with our family.  And believe me, I have looked into them ALL because I am a serious mama who wants to work from home and spend more time with my babies! Listed below are my top 3 choices!


Work From Home Option 1:  Medical Transcription or Medical Coding


If you like working for a company but would rather work from your home office then this is a good choice!  Most companies provide health benefits and a retirement package. Another pro is that some businesses offer a computer and all the coding and transcription materials you will need.

  • The Health Industry has “job security” perks because there will always be a need for Health Care Professionals.
  • Ask your tax provider but some coders and transcribers can write off some of their home office materials like paper and printer ink.
  • No commute!! You get to save all that time on the road! Reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and save money on gas!!


You will need training to be a transcriber or coder.  Some of the training can cost up to $2,000 and take as long as 6 months to complete.  So if you are itching to get working from home ASAP, then that is going to be pretty difficult with this choice.

  • There is A LOT of competition in these fields.
  • Most companies want experience!! That means that they will not even look at your resume unless you have at least 2 years of coding or transcribing experience.  Which, in my opinion, defeats the whole purpose of working from home…
  • And I took the medical coding course and let me tell you… It was hard!! But the written test after you complete the course was EVEN HARDER!! It is a 5 HOUR test and let me just be frank~ I failed it the first time!! And I have seriously never failed a test before!  I ran out of time!! You would think 5 hours is more than plenty of time to take a 150 question test.  NOPE!! I used every minute Both times taking the test…  Why? Because you have to look up codes and guidelines using 4 different books!! It sucked.


I would skip this choice for sure!  In my honest experience I went through 8 months of taking the course and studying for a really hard test and after ALL of that… NO JOB!! And I am not the only one!  I was talking to a lot of new coders out there and they all had the same problem~ Companies want at least 2 years experience before they will hire a coder to work from home.

But if you would still like some links to check these options out yourself then click here for medical coding and here for medical transcribing.


Work From Home Option 2: Become a Virtual Assistant


You Really do not need a lot of experience to become a virtual assistant (VA).  All you need is a computer with reliable wifi and your phone.  There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are looking for someone like you to take over email campaigns, creating graphics for promotions and doing their social media posts.  And if you really luck out, you develop some friendships with the people you work with.

  • You can start being a Virtual Assistant overnight!
  • You can make your hours (as long as you get in the hours you are paid for each week)
  • Most companies will pay every week!


It is possible to have a really demanding client who is never happy no matter how hard you try.  Another thing to think about is time management. You will need to make sure to schedule your day out so that you can get in the hours you need everyday so that you are working the hours your client is paying you for.

  • There are only so many hours in the day to actually work so if a client wants 20 hours per week then that is 4 hours per day (Mon. – Fri). You can easily take on more clients than you can actually fit in your week!
  • Most VA’s start out making $15 per hour.  So if you worked 40 hours per week then the max you could make is around $2,400 per month before taxes…
  • The major drawback is that you are still working for someone else.  So it is still a job at the end of the day and you will need to schedule your vacations etc.  (you will not get paid while on vacation btw).
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not get paid unless you work so if you are sick then you do not get paid for that day…


This is a good choice but there are some drawbacks.  You can start asap and with limited experience.  Just be aware of the max amount of earning potential and in order to make that max amount you will be working 40 hours per week in front of your computer…

I have been a Virtual Assistant for about 5 months now.  I work with Girl Boss Solutions.  The owner matches mom entrepreneurs with moms who want to work from home as a VA.  She is wonderful and you can check out her services here.


Work From Home Option 3: Digital Marketing


So first let me explain what Digital Marketing is.  Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?  I did it for a while with Amazon.  Basically, you apply with a company (Amazon, Target, iRobot… literally EVERY company is doing it) to be an affiliate.  They give you a tax ID form to fill out (for your tax reporting purposes) and then they will send you an affiliate link.  From there you attach your link onto products you like and love from that company and you get compensated from said company for promoting their products.  Easy right?  Its really the way of the future for advertising because these companies know that making expensive commercials are a thing of the past since no one really sits down to watch TV anymore.  And most of the time a show is on DVR so consumers fast forward through the commercials anyways.

Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing.  They are the same term just different titles.  Digital Marketers utilize the internet and social media to promote a product they like and love to their followers using their affiliate link.  The company they are promoting will then give them a kick back for the shot out and everybody wins!

So I have been an affiliate for Amazon and Target but have only received PENNIES in return for promoting their products.  That is mainly because of volume.  You have to have so many clicked links to their products each month to qualify for a percentage of kickback they offer.  And unfortunately the highest level of kickback is around 8% on the item sold.  So lets say you were at the highest level of kickback and you promoted an iPad costing $500.  You would get back $40!  Now of course that can add up but you can see how many of those high ticket items you would have to promote with your affiliate link before you see actual sustained income.

Introducing:  Digital Altitude

This company has implemented all the pros of affiliate marketing (promoting products with your affiliate link) combined with digital marketing (utilizing social media and the internet to promote your affiliate products) but they pay out up to 60%!! Yep yep yep!! How?  They have digitized all their products (personal development products for an example) so that the compensation for their affiliates can be higher due to less money spent on making the product themselves.  They have found the key to paying their affiliates high compensations while still producing valuable products to the consumers buying them.

With an option like this, you actually OWN your own digital marketing business…

But for me, I have never owned a business before so I felt like I wouldn’t succeed at the beginning.  And I think a lot of new affiliates with this company have felt that way so Digital Altitude offers coaching on how to set up your digital marketing business using your affiliate links.  These coaches basically pull back the proverbial curtain to their success and teach you exactly what they did to succeed.  All you have to do is show up, believe that you can do it too and implement what they suggest!  And its a FREE service with this company!  Because what the founder and CEO, Michael Force decided was that the only way this company will have sustained success is to invest in educating their affiliates!! Do you think Amazon or Target are providing this service? No way!! They personally do not care about your success as an affiliate, they just want their products promoted.

Digital Altitude is different.  They invest in their members (100,000 and growing).  And their members are literally from ALL over the world!!

  • Also: a Pro that the other two Options do not offer is that you make money while on vacation, sleeping or having a sick day!! Digital Altitude helps you set up a System that runs whether you are actively working on your business or away from it for a bit. This is key for me as a busy mom 😉


I can only think of one.  If you have no ambition and do not want to earn income potential based on your efforts, then this company is not for you.  You will work to learn how to succeed here at the beginning but you will have support and guidance all along the way.


Oh and I almost forgot: you know how I said the first option takes months to get going… Being a Digital Marketer with Digital Altitude can start producing an income in a couple weeks!!


Believe me.  My reputation with you is everything to me!! I would not have written this post and shared my journey on How to Work from Home if I didn’t fully investigate each option.


Please check out these options for yourself.  And you know that I am always here for a chat!! You can email me at workfromhome@charitypiazza or find me in Instagram.


If you would like the link to Digital Altitude for more information click here.


And as always,



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