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May 21, 2017 2 Comments

Hi Friend!  Being a mom of twins has connected me to so many amazing women!  I have received support and ideas on how to manage this Twin World but more importantly, I have made some really great friends and connections!  Feel free to share your stories whether they are funny, frustrating or if you are questioning how to manage your daily life with twins. Here we DO NOT judge but support and encourage each other.  You should know that you are NOT ALONE and that no mom is perfect so you can give yourself a break every now and then!  Until we chat again, XO~ Charity



  1. Lori Ploppert

    June 4, 2017

    Well Charity has asked for me to leave a comment about my life as a mother of twins…here it goes…My husband and I were married for 12 years before thinking about kids. We never realized it would take 3 years and a lot of help. Thank you Hershey Medical Center! We had 5 miscarriages before getting pregnant and then pregnant with 5 babies. Yes we happy but omg, 5, with our twins Gil and Emily, I lost 3 of the babies. So these two are loved more than ever will know. They are turning 21 in November. The joy, love and, let’s be real, heartaches at times are well worth it. I kept them on a tight schedule as babies. Emily weighed 3lbs15ozs and Gil weighed 5lbs5ozs, so feeding was every 3 hours together. The first year is the most difficult but I knew we would do well when my husband said, geez these people with only one baby can never complain to us! That would be a breeze. Lol I always instilled into Gil and Emily that even though they are twins, they are two separate individuals who just happen to room together in me. I was not a mom who dressed their twins alike. I encouraged independence but also encouraged them to support one another no matter what. They are very close now, which gives us great joy. Each of our twins had their own sports they picked. Emily started showing horses before 10 and Gil became an awesome runner. They were given opportunities to do what they liked and it has paid off. Do not force your twins to do something if they are truly not liking it. Both graduated high school with Advance Diplomas and are no becoming successful adults. My biggest advice I received from a friend was four words my husband and I used a lot….”this too shall pass”. Enjoy the ride. Feel blessed and when you think you can not get through it do not be afraid to ask for help. Even us strong moms need a should to lean on every now and then. It is ok. Learn from your mistakes but always know, being a mom of twins is awesome! You can do it! Here to help if needed. Just write.

    • momlifetwinworld@gmail.com

      June 4, 2017

      Thank you Lori! What an amazing and inspiring story with great advice! I remember you telling me how important a schedule was for twins and so I took your advice early on and it is paying off now! The girls go to bed without complaint and sleep 12 straight hours. We stay active during the day with learning and sport activities but keep to a routine. Thank you for thoughts and advice! I know they have helped me and will help another mom of twins! xoxo ~Charity

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