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May 21, 2017 Comments Off on For a Dad from a Dad

Hey fellow Dad of twins!  Thank you for stopping by this blog. Did your wife make you? Mine would have!  Don’t worry, it’s not the waste of time you think it might be.  This area of Mom Life Twin World is just for you.  In fact, we should prohibit our wives from reading it! All kidding aside, I’m glad you’re reading this because man do I have A LOT to share with you after four years of this ride!  Most of my topics will be a How-To guide to managing your daily life with Twins… things I picked up after much trial and error!  So I’m gonna post topics like: your first day ALONE with twins (WOW was that an experience), thoughts on how to balance family time while still working a full time job, date-night ideas with the wife (because your relationship has to be healthy first before anything), potty training preparedness, and honestly the list is endless.  Oh and one other thing, if there is a topic that you want posted then feel free to ask.  Pretty much the order of my posts will be generated by requests, so get them in!  Just go to the contact tab and send me a message.  I’m here for you buddy.  Life with twins CAN be fun and you WILL survive 😉  Later! Mike