Best Twin Stroller


May 19, 2017 Comments Off on Best Twin Stroller

Best Twin Stroller

Hi Friend!  I took this pic of my girls while shopping at Target today for last minute Christmas items.  I thought I would post it to show you how I manage shopping with twins and not pulling my hair out in the process. I do 90% of the shopping alone so I had to come up with a method that allowed me to get through my list without having the kids FIGHTING, asking if we were DONE yet or running up and down the isles like crazy animals.  But first COFFEE!  Yep!  Target has literally ruined my Starbucks budget because I MUST have a coffee while I shop (point goes to them for their marketing strategy).  Next, I put the girls in their City Select Mini GT stroller (which is my favorite stroller because it fits through doorways).  When they were babies this worked great with a toy or bottle but as they are getting older it has been a challenge to convince them to ride in their stroller so we decided to purchase them each an Apple iPad Mini.  We chose an older model to save money and in our opinion, it serves the same purpose as the latest model (note: download learning games and movies so they can be accessed without WiFi).  The next thing to do is connect Bluetooth headphones (we like Lil Gadgets Bluetooth Headphones for kids) so that they do not bother each other or you while they play their learning games.  Finally, try to do your shopping during the day if you can so that the isles are not as crowded.  That’s it!  I shop for almost a full hour without complaints or requests to go potty 😉

~This is just my method but I would love to know how you manage your shopping trips!  Feel free to share what you do in the comments section!  XO ~Charity