Thoughts on Having a Successful Day with Twins: Part One

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May 13, 2017 1 Comments 2 Photos

Hi Friend! Grab your coffee and lets chat!  I am so glad you have stumbled onto my blog because that means you must be a mom of twins and I love connecting with new moms!  Mainly because we need to stick together and support one another. Being a mom is THE most wonderful part of who I am.  I feel like I have a deeper purpose in life and am excited to share that with you.

I always like to start my day with a latte.  I try to find a quiet place in the house, even if it’s just for 10 minutes because I feel like sitting and thinking about the time I will spend with my family gets me focused and prepared for the day ahead.  What ever helps you get the day going, whether it be coffee, OJ, or your favorite energy bar, do that consistently! Trust me! It those little things that count 😉

Sometime today, take a moment and look at your little ones.  If they are still in your belly then imagine what they will look like when they arrive.  Focus on the beauty that we call LIFE.  You made a person and girl you are a super human now. Welcome to the club 😉  I know everyday will not be easy and sometimes you might find yourself so discouraged that you literally ask yourself why you even decided to have kids.  Guess what? That’s totally NORMAL!

Give yourself a break today.  If you can’t get to all the items on your list then prioritize the most important and leave the rest for another day.  I have found that I am actually more productive if I space out my tasks throughout the week instead of tackling everything in one day.  Most times when I attempt the “got to do everything today” method my girls decide they are not going to listen~ almost as if they joined forces against me! Talk about a mommy meltdown!

And guess who gets the brunt of my frustration?  My husband.  My kids, the  dog, the cat, the elderly lady at Home Depot who decides to organized her ENTIRE purse at the check-out register because she has lost track of the concept of time and doesn’t even notice me trying to keep my kids from touching everything at register. An eye roll to said elderly lady, no extra petting or attention to the animals, a stern and impatient voice of frustration to my girls, and no energy to spend time with my husband when he gets home from work.

So maybe we can give ourselves a break every now and then?  I mean, we ARE super humans now but let’s try to put the cape away today and just be a mom who cuddles and tickles those cute and adorable babies.  And embraces our husbands with a hug and kiss when he gets home.  And who doesn’t forget to feed the “starving” puppy & kitty.  Oh, and smiles at the nice elderly woman at the register when she realizes she was preventing you from checking out.  Enjoy the moments that make THIS life so beautiful.  Until we chat again… XO ~Charity


May 15, 2017

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    How do you start your morning? Do you have a routine?

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